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The Quality of Mercy by Yahtzee.
Rated PG-13 (unless you read the slash, which is NC-17). Just as Angel's pulling himself back together, Riley shows up, falling apart.

This is an eight chapter story, and so it was rather difficult to choose one part to quote, but this bit here just had me in stitches so here goes:

    Charles Gunn is not taking any excuses today, dammit.

    They give him the run-around. They don't give him what he wants. Day after day, he comes back here -- and day after day, they jerk him around.

    Well, today he's dragged his ass out of bed to get here at 8 a.m. Because today he's not listening to their shit. Today, he is going to get exactly what he came for.

    Gunn ties a black cloth around his head -- something he used to do a lot more, back in the day, but still tries when he feels the need to get in touch with his inner bastard. He shrugs on his jacket and walks into the place like he owns it, slamming his hands against the door. Little bells jingle. The people behind the counter jump as Gunn says:

    "Tell me you are not out of maple-frosted."

    The Dunkin Donuts lady stares at him for a moment, then says, "Uh, no. There's -- two left."

Why read it: Okay, if the above isn't proof that this is a well written story, let me assure you that it is. She offers small peeks into the characters like the one above that really make me smile and say "oh yeah, that's so him!". It's well written, and funny, and personal, and it's got Riley, which always makes me happy.

Also, I think I should address this, since I received quite a bit of flack for liking this story because of one quirk, so here goes: It's not slashy unless you want it to be. She's separated the slash, which is Angel/Riley btw, into a separate chapter. I talked to a couple of people who felt that was stupid or whatever, but honestly? I know there aren't many people who'll read a story with Riley sex in it, and it doesn't take away from the story at all, either way. The sex is beautifully done, in my opinion, absolutely fabulous, but it wouldn't detract at all if you skipped it. I think it'd be a very big shame for anyone to miss out on reading this because, for whatever reason, they don't like Riley. Seriously. Great fic.
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