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Rec and Review for the most recent installment of Cat and Mouse by thebratqueen
Angelus/Wesley, Wesley/Lilah. "A series in its own right, I suppose you can consider it a darker alternative to season 4."

    The whole cage thing too - seriously déclassé. In his day he never believed in cages. Oh yeah, sure, tried them out a few times. Who wouldn't? But in the end people responded better to being locked inside of rooms or steamer trunks, depending on your need for them. Cages were big and heavy. And ugly. Christ - place looked like a dungeon now. Hardly what you'd call Better Homes & Gardens.

    He put his hands behind his head and stared up at the flat metal plate that covered his home. He then shifted uncomfortably because, thank you very much, nobody had thought to put two and two together and figure that a guy who'd been trapped under salt water for months could maybe use a change of God damned clothing. Nooo. Let's just shove him in the cage as-is. Don't worry about the big, scary vampire waking up in dry, scratchy cloth. Not like he has hours to spend thinking of ways to get revenge for that.

    Plus he'd kinda liked the pants. Probably not salvageable, he knew, but still - couldn't hurt to at least try running them through a gentle cycle before the damage set in. Too late now.

    He kept staring up. He didn't blink. Didn't have to, plus he knew that bugged people.

Why read it: It's creepy and really well written. She writes the best Angelus I've ever, ever read, and it's so creepy. I love it! And she makes dark!Wesley really intriguing and sexy, despite the, well, darkness. It's such an original plot, as well, that it just draws the reader in, and the darkness in it only makes it that much more interesting. The sex in it is chillingly realistic and very, very hot. Her writing flows amazingly - it's imposible not to want to continue, really. It's part of a series, so when you finish this link, go to her story list and read the rest.

Hi there!

First of all, major guh. Lovely fic, in a dark, making my stomach lurch kind of way. Your Wesley is getting frightening, I love it.

Loved the holy water ice cubes, that was brilliant. Your Angelus is *so* *cool* too, all dark and sarcastic and bitchy and into pain. I can so imagine him getting off on teaching Wes about stuff like that, too. He's so very much into the tangible.

Okay, creepiness with Angelus thinking of killing Fred, but I can totally imagine you having a little fun with that. LOL ;) I really loved this part of that whole Angelus part:

"Knives, he thought. Wes already knew guns - hell, knew them
better than he did since fuck knows he hadn't touched one since before the days of Smith & Wesson. Bare hands was fuck-all hard as a mortal, and poison wasn't an Angelus hallmark - well, except for that one time - so really when all was said and done, what was left?

Well, actually - a lot if you had imagination but Wes also had what those in LA called issues so Angelus was figuring this was a moment for Wes to get in touch with his inner slasher.

Plus Wes and knives was real pretty. Angelus ran a hand down his chest in memory of it.

He made a mental note to teach Wes how to draw. You could carve many a picture into willing skin. Or even unwilling if that was your kink."

Dunno why, that just struck me as very cool and Angelus and Wes, both. Good insight on his part, I think. (And yes, Wes and knives *is* real pretty. Tee) And, that totally fits with his artistic side. I'd imagine he'd see cutting people like that as a two sided thing, too - On the one hand, pretty, pretty blood, and on the other, what better way to release the demon within? Get rid of the skin and there's nothing holding you back... or something. *laughs* It makes sense in my mind.

Hmm. I wanna see him fuck Wesley over a desk, now. *pout* And make Lilah watch. Hehehehe. *wiggles eyebrows*

I really, really like that Wes got Lilah involved. I was wondering how you were going to deal with her, because she's obviously been a part of this story, if a little one until now. Your characterization was really great, too, imo. (I liked that you described her as a dancer at one point, since the actress is a dancer, and it fits! and stuff. lol)

And, and! The bit with the fortune tellers and Wes figuring big in the future and all that totally reminded me of Happy Anniversary, from the second season, when Lorne told Angel "And the British boy? He's going to be playing a huge - well..." Let me reiterate at this point that you are a genius. :D

Killing her mom surprised me. Cause wow. I'm guessing she was kinda in Nevada? Like it matters, but I'm a dork like that. (Why not kill your mom near the City of Sin, after all? *stops talking about Nevada*)

I can't help but wonder about you! Is Conner going to be a tool or...Wesley's first kill? He'd obviously be a helpful guy to have around but at the same time, could be seen as a weakness on the Angelus side of the coin. And it'd be kind of a cool juxtaposition to Angelus killing Lilah's mom. Can't have the blood relative do it, after all...

Okay, and this just made me giggle:

"Wes, for his part, looked nonplussed by the whole thing. Angelus made it a vow that he would one day plus the boy."

It sort of made me do a double take, but definitely made me giggle. But! Um, this is all I could think of after reading it twice, and if I forgot something I'll probably email you with it. :D

Anyway! Just in case you weren't sure after reading all that, I love this story. It gave me the wiggens, it was so good, and I can't wait to see what's next! This is great. You rock, man.
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