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Ten minutes of your time for my thesis? 
11:06pm 21/06/2008
  Dear fanfic authors,

first of all I’m sorry if OT posting isn’t allowed in this community, but there’s no other way for me to do this; just delete this if it isn’t appropriate.

I’m a fanfic reader and occasional fanfic writer myself, so what did I pick for my thesis in communication sciences? Fan Fiction, of course. I designed a survey to find out more about our writing habits and media use; it takes about 10 minutes to complete.

If you could go here and fill it out, I’d be forever grateful. Of course I’ll publish some of the results at my journal in about a month or two, so you’ll know what happened with your answers.
The survey is completely anonymous; I have no way of finding out who gave which answers.

Please, please help a fellow fan out. It’s only ten minutes for you; it’s a very important part of my work for me.

This has been cross-posted like crazy, and I'm sorry for spamming you guys, I'm just a little desperate, too.
I hope this is ok to post here.... 
04:24pm 28/04/2005
  I'm trying to sell tickets I bought to a Buffy Convention in June. DEEPLY DISCOUNTED!

IT's the Motorcity Buffy Con in Detroit. The website is motorcitybuffy.com.

Headliners are Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) The Trio, Andy Hallet (Lorne). Kali Rocha (Halfrek/Cecily), and James Marsters will be performing one night.

My tickets include:

James Marsters Concert Thursday night (June 2). This ticket cost me 25.00.

Gold membership. This gets you autographs, question and answer sessions, access to dealer rooms, and any panels. This was $225.

Banquet on saturday night. $80 value. Eat dinner with the stars and listen to Anthony Stuart Head sing.

Coctail party on friday night. $80 value. Drink and mingle with the stars.

Photo session with Anthony Stewart Head. $45.00 value.

Common Rotation Concert saturday night. $10.00 value. See Adam Busch's (Warren) band perform.

I'm only asking for 300.00. That's a gold membership and banquet ticket, with cocktail party, photo session, and two concerts thrown in for free.

If you're interested email me! aeburke22@yahoo.com Put the subject as

Thanks...if anyone knows anyone else who may be interested you can let them know.
New Chapter in Faith Spike Connor Centered Spin-off 
10:07pm 31/01/2005
  New Chapter in Faith Spike Connor Centered Spin-off

Link to read this fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2025615/5/

Title: More or Less IV: All for Her

Author: Strange Bint

Pairings: (mentioned) Faith/Spike, Faith/Wood, Wes/Fred

Summary: Faith broke up with Spike because he beat on Wes for being a
bad Watcher to her. Spike has plans to make things right again. So
do Wes and Robin Wood.

Previous Episode: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2025615/4/

To read from the begining of the season: http://strangebint.com/moreorlesschapters.html

To read from the begining of Season one: http://strangebint.com/forgetchapters.html

Rating: R

Note: Yes, this is part of a series, but I try to have them make
sense as a stand alone. Oddly this chapter centers around some
characters that don't actually appear in it.

Warnings: You'll be seeing darkness in our beloved boys. Mentions of
sexual abuse. Some blood and guts"Reservoir Dog" Style.

<333 To Dutch who has been kicking ass with her own fic and still
making time for me!
<333 To all the peeps that are still with me and giving me feed back
on my baby here.

Link to read this fic: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/2025615/5/

Strange Bint

Jody AKA Strange Bint
Fic: More Or Less 
05:43pm 03/01/2005
  More or Less 3: Glass House
by Strange Bint is up!

However, it's proven too ehausting to post here. But I'd love comment/feedback. For the main link of this installment go to:


Summary: Buffy's in England pondering what her actions should be, while Spike, Faith, Connor and Angel ponder the actions of an Englishman.

Rating: R
Author Notes: Love to Dutch, who just wrote a great Xmas fic and still has time to beta me!

Story Notes: The S/Angelus is only past implied. This is a Spaith centered fic, but some people like implied past slash so I thought I'd tell you it was there.

Disclaimer: My free love for ME and my ripping them off for $0 will never die.

More Notes:


**Important Note This is a Chapter in a fic that has snowballed out of control and turned into a Virtual Series. It's in Season 2

If you want to start all the way from the beginning go here:


If you want to start at the beginning of the "season" go here:


Or I think (Hope) you could start from here and get the gist of what is going on:

Pimpin' My Fic Spike/Faith, Connor, Kennedy more... 
11:06pm 23/08/2004
mood: accomplished
Hi Everybody,

So, I decided to pimp my Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel fic on LJ. My Website is:


Most of my recent stories have Spike/Faith and Connor, and Faith and Kennedy friendship. (I do have Spike/Buffy, Spike/Dru, Angel, Angelus/Dru ect)

I have many short stories and this huge Spaith (with Kennedy/Willow) Series "Forget Me Not" at:


This went so well (meaning I had over 10 readers). That I decided to do a Season Two. I just started it and that is what I am mostly pimping it's in the LJ cut below
Major Spoilers to: All of Buffy and Angel Seasons 1-4, and for the first Season of my fic linked above. Enjoy or make fun. Whatever your pleasure. More plot heavy than smut heavy. But there is smut. I swear!. Here it is:

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A little survey 
12:23pm 26/04/2004
mood: aggravated
I was just curious, since this has actually happened to me a few times and I was just wondering what you guys do in this situation.

So it's an average day, and you're waiting in line or something and you find out that the complete stranger next to you is also a Buffy/Angel fan, but they've never heard about Fanfiction, and they are curious as to what it is. How do you explain what fanfiction is?

They ask you where they can go to read BtVS/Ats fanfiction. Where do you suggest?


I can usually explain what fanfic is pretty easily, but when they ask me where to go, I get stumped. There are so many archives and sites, and they're usually centered on a certian pairing or theme or something... Without finding out more about the person's likes or dislikes, I have trouble knowing what to suggest.
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06:44pm 13/04/2004
mood: anxious
"GOTV - ANGEL Wednesday on the WB!"

Angel has been cancelled but you can save it..the ratings for this episode are critical...tell everyone you know
fic search 
07:58pm 23/02/2004
mood: aggravated
HELP!!!! I'm trying to find the fic "Struggling With Darkness" by Rae. I thought it was finished when I read it, but the only place I could find it (http://www.slayerette.org/fanfic/rae/swd.html) it wasn't finished. I tried emailing the author (willowgrrrl@hotmail.com) but the email doesn't work. Help? Please???

Struggling With Darkness by Rae
SUMMARY: This story takes place in the "Wish" universe. Y'now where Buffy was in Cleveland and she was all cranky and stuff? Well, who knows what she was *doing* in Cleveland so...my Spike/Buffy the Wish universe story. Spike meets up with Buffy before she goes to Sunnydale in 'The Wish' universe and they help each other heal.
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My first Buffy story 
02:51am 12/08/2003
  I finished my Buffy story. It's set in season 7 after "Conversations With Dead People". It contains spoilers up to that episode and also spoilers for the Angel episodes "I Will Remember You" and "To Shanshu in L.A."

This is a Buffy/Angel story, rated PG, no sexual content.

I hope you like it. Feedback is welcome, as long as it's not nasty.

Read my story

Read my story
09:13pm 15/02/2003
mood: chipper
A review, cut to save friends spaceCollapse )
02:17pm 19/01/2003
  The Other Immortal Blond by Matthew Haldeman-Time
Rated NC-17. Wesley Wyndham-Pryce/Riley Finn, Lindsey McDonald/Graham Miller. Wherein someone finally appreciates Wesley, and there isn't nearly enough sex, but at least the author gets his revenge on Darla.

    Wesley tried to remember the last time anyone had shown him such warm respect. He couldn't.

    Maybe he was loathe to lose sight of even simple human contact from someone who didn't dismiss him out of hand. Maybe he appreciated someone polite and intelligent. Maybe he had enjoyed Riley's company. Whatever the reason, he replied to Riley's message with something along the lines of how he'd appreciated getting to meet Riley, how he wouldn't mind hearing how everything was going in Sunnydale (after all, Buffy was the Slayer and he had been her Watcher), etc. Riley responded with something equally banal yet at the same time warm, friendly.

    Two days later, while Angel slept and Cordelia was at an audition, Wesley was on the office computer in a chatroom discussion on Jerilsie demons. He suspected that RINK543 was a Jerilsie demon, but he wasn't sure how to ask politely. Suddenly the phone rang. It was such a rare occurrence at Angel Investigations that Wesley almost didn't answer, certain that it would be nothing more than a sales pitch or wrong number. Still, they were supposed to help the hopeless, or whatever their new slogan was, so he picked up the receiver. "Angel Investigations." He was not, simply not, going to say any slogan. He still had some self-respect.

Why read it: It's good! I like that I finally found someone who likes Riley this much and agrees that he's beautifully endowed. ;) Matthew keeps everyone very in character, and writes very smoothly. It's a very, very conceivable setup and I just love it.

No review yet, because I'm lazy. :)
05:42pm 08/01/2003
  Rec and review for the story Magic Mirror by thete1.
Rated R. Warren/Andrew. Kind of. The events leading up to the end of Conversations with Dead People, from Andrew's pov. Spoilers through Conversations.

    It starts with the whispers in the night.

    In Mexico, the darkness never felt entirely dark *enough* to
    Andrew -- and never mind what years on the Hellmouth could do
    to your appreciation of light. There was something about all that crushing heat, the humidity, that made every breath feel like an old man's dying efforts.

    It made the nights deceptive, and short.

    And the whispers made it shorter, no matter how he tried to bury
    his head under the thin pillows, or tune into Jonathon's wet,
    unhealthy-sounding snores.

    The whispers were in no language Andrew knew.

Why read it: It's brilliant. The characterization, the tone, the feeling, everything is just exactly as it should be. It's a wonderfully written, darkly accurate piece of work, and I think everyone should read it.

Review - SpoilersCollapse )
08:48pm 02/01/2003
  Whispers of Immortality by Spirit.
Wesley/Spike, NC-17. Desperate to feel something, Wesley seeks out the one person who can give him what he wants.

    And I'm still not sure if it is cowardice, or courage which led me to Sunnydale. Practicing his skill, his lurking, I wander through the cemetery, wondering whether I'd find what I was looking for before or after I'd tripped over every blasted stone in there. Because the graveyard is unkempt for reasons into which I don't want to delve. But a part of me suspects it is because no one cares - why deal with the lost when their warped forms come back?

    Despite the chill, and the belief that fangs or a stake will be my undeserved end, the crypt is there in front of me, exactly as Angel described. Although its occupant would offer me a less salubrious welcome.

    'Who the fuck are you?

    Who indeed, and I brace myself to answer, to give this creature some kind of explanation as to how I knew about him...as to why I was there. But it's always in the scent, and he moves closer, eyes widening as he catches the faintest aroma of blood on my coat, the hint of dead things in a dead place.

Why read it: There isn't enough Wesley/Spike slash out there, though most of them are this good, so maybe it's not so bad. Spirit's grasp of the characters is excellent and her prose is astounding. The way that she conveys the feelings and actions in this story are wonderful. She really draws the reader into Wesley's mind, making it almost a personal experience. I love reading this story.

Review - spoileryCollapse )
01:31pm 01/01/2003
  A Spike/Angel ficlet by stakebait.

PG - Slash - Short - A moment at night with Spike.

    "Love you," I move my lips silently against his skin, afraid even to put breath behind it. I wait out sixty seconds, to be sure he doesn't stir. Move down a little, to the left, over the heart. Not that it matters. "Love you." Up to the shoulder, against the veins of his throat, as if it could get into his blood the way he's in mine. "Love you."

    No matter how long we lie in it, the bed doesn't get warm.

    He made a metaphor. I nicked an electric blanket. They go for $35. That's, what, 20 quid?

Why read it: It's beautiful. It took my breath away when I read it. It's heartfelt and poignant and gorgeous and painful in spots and loving in others and it reaches a level most stories can't. I love her language, and diction, and the tone; I love the flow of the story, and the way the thoughts follow each other, almost chasing each other through the story. Excellent. Go read it.

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05:37pm 29/12/2002
  Rec and Review for the most recent installment of Cat and Mouse by thebratqueen
Angelus/Wesley, Wesley/Lilah. "A series in its own right, I suppose you can consider it a darker alternative to season 4."

    The whole cage thing too - seriously déclassé. In his day he never believed in cages. Oh yeah, sure, tried them out a few times. Who wouldn't? But in the end people responded better to being locked inside of rooms or steamer trunks, depending on your need for them. Cages were big and heavy. And ugly. Christ - place looked like a dungeon now. Hardly what you'd call Better Homes & Gardens.

    He put his hands behind his head and stared up at the flat metal plate that covered his home. He then shifted uncomfortably because, thank you very much, nobody had thought to put two and two together and figure that a guy who'd been trapped under salt water for months could maybe use a change of God damned clothing. Nooo. Let's just shove him in the cage as-is. Don't worry about the big, scary vampire waking up in dry, scratchy cloth. Not like he has hours to spend thinking of ways to get revenge for that.

    Plus he'd kinda liked the pants. Probably not salvageable, he knew, but still - couldn't hurt to at least try running them through a gentle cycle before the damage set in. Too late now.

    He kept staring up. He didn't blink. Didn't have to, plus he knew that bugged people.

Why read it: It's creepy and really well written. She writes the best Angelus I've ever, ever read, and it's so creepy. I love it! And she makes dark!Wesley really intriguing and sexy, despite the, well, darkness. It's such an original plot, as well, that it just draws the reader in, and the darkness in it only makes it that much more interesting. The sex in it is chillingly realistic and very, very hot. Her writing flows amazingly - it's imposible not to want to continue, really. It's part of a series, so when you finish this link, go to her story list and read the rest.

review - spoileryCollapse )
12:03pm 24/12/2002
mood: creative
Hi! I'm zyre. I've just started this recommendation and review journal, and since most of them are for Buffy (and Angel), I figured I'd post them here, as well. I usually post a rec, and then the review that I sent to the author, which tends to be spoilery and very fangirly. lol. Hope you guys enjoy. :)

This is a rec and review for Sub Rosa by wolfling. It's Angel/Wesley. Angel makes an offer Wesley can't refuse.

    Angel nodded, as though reading Wesley's thoughts. His eyes dropped to indicate the crossbow. "Okay," he said. "If that's how you wanna play this. But I came here to talk. I think we both know I could've broken your neck by now if I wanted to." He paused as if expecting Wesley to answer, but Wesley just kept watching him. When the silence stretched out and started to become uncomfortable again, Angel finally resumed speaking.

    "As I said, I've been thinking. About what happened and who was responsible."

    Wesley couldn't totally repress the instinctive flinch at those words. He may have had the best of intentions when he had taken Connor, but he had broken the silent promise he had made to himself, and to Angel unknowing -- namely to keep Connor safe -- even from Angel himself. He had let his guard down and lost the child, delivering him to Angel's worst enemy. That broken promise was the responsibility that weighed heavy on him, *that* was his failure that made it difficult to meet Angel's gaze.

Why read it: I very much like her characterizations in this story. I love the way she's made trust a big part of the story, it fits very well with Wesley and Angel's relationship at this point. The plot is cool and original, and I'm very excited to see all the places she goes with it. It's part of a series, so when you finish this link, go to her story list and read the rest.

Review - SpoilersCollapse )
just wondering......? 
12:55pm 23/09/2002
  does anyone know when season five and six are supposed to come out on DVD? glory was one of my favorites, she rocked!  
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01:46pm 13/09/2002
mood: bouncy

Have you seen Rough Housing?


*ducks back off the radar*
First post first post first post! Naaah! 
01:29am 22/07/2002
  Ok, so no one else aside from Krissy and I know of this community's existence. But soon... soon you all shall!

And as my first rec I shall give all you S/B fans who are out there (and I KNOW you are. quit hiding. it's okay, really.) Isabelle's Island of Galleno. It just kicks ass on so many levels... love, loss, a baby version of Spike, and an evil conniving bastard who gets what is coming to him!
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