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I hope this is ok to post here....

I'm trying to sell tickets I bought to a Buffy Convention in June. DEEPLY DISCOUNTED!

IT's the Motorcity Buffy Con in Detroit. The website is

Headliners are Anthony Stewart Head (Giles) The Trio, Andy Hallet (Lorne). Kali Rocha (Halfrek/Cecily), and James Marsters will be performing one night.

My tickets include:

James Marsters Concert Thursday night (June 2). This ticket cost me 25.00.

Gold membership. This gets you autographs, question and answer sessions, access to dealer rooms, and any panels. This was $225.

Banquet on saturday night. $80 value. Eat dinner with the stars and listen to Anthony Stuart Head sing.

Coctail party on friday night. $80 value. Drink and mingle with the stars.

Photo session with Anthony Stewart Head. $45.00 value.

Common Rotation Concert saturday night. $10.00 value. See Adam Busch's (Warren) band perform.

I'm only asking for 300.00. That's a gold membership and banquet ticket, with cocktail party, photo session, and two concerts thrown in for free.

If you're interested email me! Put the subject as

Thanks...if anyone knows anyone else who may be interested you can let them know.
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