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Fic: More Or Less

More or Less 3: Glass House
by Strange Bint is up!

However, it's proven too ehausting to post here. But I'd love comment/feedback. For the main link of this installment go to:

Summary: Buffy's in England pondering what her actions should be, while Spike, Faith, Connor and Angel ponder the actions of an Englishman.

Rating: R
Author Notes: Love to Dutch, who just wrote a great Xmas fic and still has time to beta me!

Story Notes: The S/Angelus is only past implied. This is a Spaith centered fic, but some people like implied past slash so I thought I'd tell you it was there.

Disclaimer: My free love for ME and my ripping them off for $0 will never die.

More Notes:

**Important Note This is a Chapter in a fic that has snowballed out of control and turned into a Virtual Series. It's in Season 2

If you want to start all the way from the beginning go here:

If you want to start at the beginning of the "season" go here:

Or I think (Hope) you could start from here and get the gist of what is going on:

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