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A little survey

I was just curious, since this has actually happened to me a few times and I was just wondering what you guys do in this situation.

So it's an average day, and you're waiting in line or something and you find out that the complete stranger next to you is also a Buffy/Angel fan, but they've never heard about Fanfiction, and they are curious as to what it is. How do you explain what fanfiction is?

They ask you where they can go to read BtVS/Ats fanfiction. Where do you suggest?


I can usually explain what fanfic is pretty easily, but when they ask me where to go, I get stumped. There are so many archives and sites, and they're usually centered on a certian pairing or theme or something... Without finding out more about the person's likes or dislikes, I have trouble knowing what to suggest.
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