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Whispers of Immortality by Spirit.
Wesley/Spike, NC-17. Desperate to feel something, Wesley seeks out the one person who can give him what he wants.

    And I'm still not sure if it is cowardice, or courage which led me to Sunnydale. Practicing his skill, his lurking, I wander through the cemetery, wondering whether I'd find what I was looking for before or after I'd tripped over every blasted stone in there. Because the graveyard is unkempt for reasons into which I don't want to delve. But a part of me suspects it is because no one cares - why deal with the lost when their warped forms come back?

    Despite the chill, and the belief that fangs or a stake will be my undeserved end, the crypt is there in front of me, exactly as Angel described. Although its occupant would offer me a less salubrious welcome.

    'Who the fuck are you?

    Who indeed, and I brace myself to answer, to give this creature some kind of explanation as to how I knew about to why I was there. But it's always in the scent, and he moves closer, eyes widening as he catches the faintest aroma of blood on my coat, the hint of dead things in a dead place.

Why read it: There isn't enough Wesley/Spike slash out there, though most of them are this good, so maybe it's not so bad. Spirit's grasp of the characters is excellent and her prose is astounding. The way that she conveys the feelings and actions in this story are wonderful. She really draws the reader into Wesley's mind, making it almost a personal experience. I love reading this story.

I love your story. It's brilliant, I love the tone and the feeling of it. I liked the way it was in present tense, but it worked. I see that fail so often that I was somewhat dubious. You get their voices so well, it's awesome!

I loved this line:

But a part of me suspects it is because no one cares - why deal with the lost when their warped forms come back?

That's just amazing writing. And the build up to the smut! I loved that Spike knew just what buttons to push to drive Wes more - passionate.

And, mmmm. The sex is perfect. It's exactly what the both needed, and you've written it that way excellantly.

This is excellant:
But we know better than to wish for what cannot be, and he releases me after a minute, demon present, and for that moment, we are the same. And there is companionship in this dark.

So, so good! I love it. I love the way you write, it's awesome. Hee!

And the end is great, too! I love that, in the end, Wes realizes that he does have things that Angel can't claim. I think it's cool to see him sort of getting over Angel, just a little, in those last few lines. Brilliant, I love this!
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