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A Spike/Angel ficlet by stakebait.

PG - Slash - Short - A moment at night with Spike.

    "Love you," I move my lips silently against his skin, afraid even to put breath behind it. I wait out sixty seconds, to be sure he doesn't stir. Move down a little, to the left, over the heart. Not that it matters. "Love you." Up to the shoulder, against the veins of his throat, as if it could get into his blood the way he's in mine. "Love you."

    No matter how long we lie in it, the bed doesn't get warm.

    He made a metaphor. I nicked an electric blanket. They go for $35. That's, what, 20 quid?

Why read it: It's beautiful. It took my breath away when I read it. It's heartfelt and poignant and gorgeous and painful in spots and loving in others and it reaches a level most stories can't. I love her language, and diction, and the tone; I love the flow of the story, and the way the thoughts follow each other, almost chasing each other through the story. Excellent. Go read it.

Oh, this is beautiful. Absolutely lovely. It's very heartfelt and so personal and pained...ack, love it. I love the way you've got Spike tracing Angel's body with I love you's, as though he's loving every inch of him.

Loved the line about the bed never being warm, and that he nicked an electric blanket. Brilliant, makes me feel all squishy, thinking of them underneath it, all warm and comfy and together. And then, later on, the idea that they both need to feel from each other...sort of an ironic twist on the Buffy/Spike relationship, in a lot of ways. Gah, and I loved that Spike knew how long it had been since everything happened...I can imagine him sitting in a corner somewhere when he was a little insane, marking time off on the wall or the floor, burning those numbers into his

Took me a minute to get the pokers reference, and awe. It makes sense that he'd want a tangible reminder of time they had together, even if it was when he was 'evil', and especially with the atonement feeling I get from this. Like he'd need to actually see one more reason that he needs to be hurt or used or pay for his past.

And I feel so sad for him, with the last paragraph. The fact that he'd lose count, after having paid such close attention to numbers earlier in the story is so sad, in a way. I'd love to see more of this, really, even just another little snippet. Maybe even from Angel's pov, what he thinks when he finds Spike there in the morning, whether or not he's heard or felt the I Love You's, that sort of thing.

Great job! Love it, love it. :D
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