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Hi! I'm zyre. I've just started this recommendation and review journal, and since most of them are for Buffy (and Angel), I figured I'd post them here, as well. I usually post a rec, and then the review that I sent to the author, which tends to be spoilery and very fangirly. lol. Hope you guys enjoy. :)

This is a rec and review for Sub Rosa by wolfling. It's Angel/Wesley. Angel makes an offer Wesley can't refuse.

    Angel nodded, as though reading Wesley's thoughts. His eyes dropped to indicate the crossbow. "Okay," he said. "If that's how you wanna play this. But I came here to talk. I think we both know I could've broken your neck by now if I wanted to." He paused as if expecting Wesley to answer, but Wesley just kept watching him. When the silence stretched out and started to become uncomfortable again, Angel finally resumed speaking.

    "As I said, I've been thinking. About what happened and who was responsible."

    Wesley couldn't totally repress the instinctive flinch at those words. He may have had the best of intentions when he had taken Connor, but he had broken the silent promise he had made to himself, and to Angel unknowing -- namely to keep Connor safe -- even from Angel himself. He had let his guard down and lost the child, delivering him to Angel's worst enemy. That broken promise was the responsibility that weighed heavy on him, *that* was his failure that made it difficult to meet Angel's gaze.

Why read it: I very much like her characterizations in this story. I love the way she's made trust a big part of the story, it fits very well with Wesley and Angel's relationship at this point. The plot is cool and original, and I'm very excited to see all the places she goes with it. It's part of a series, so when you finish this link, go to her story list and read the rest.


I love this story! It's fun and a cool sort of mystery feeling and a way fun read!

I loved Angel's little bit about Conner, and letting him go. That was...heartbreaking and poignant, and beautiful. I loved that Angel went to Wesley with that, and didn't do it as a spiteful thing, but for reassurance and peace of mind, more. Brilliant.

Loved this line:

"And Wesley was finding he could survive quite well on bare glimmers."

Brilliant! Very much Wesley, especially given his past (well, the past four years of it, or so).

Also, I love the way trust is so essential to this story. I noticed it in the first couple of parts, and very much in this one, and that's such a great thing. It's what would (and will) have to happen between all of these people in order for them to return to what they had, and it'll take a lot of trust.

I can totally see Wesley craving that, too, on some level, especially after all the times he's been betrayed, so to speak. The council and Angel in the second season, just for big ones, and he'd probably be very afraid to trust, I'd think. You've written him very in character, and I love him.

And then! Their little talk, and Angel telling Wes that he knows about Wes loving :D I'm really glad that it surprised him, too. I think it really would, and he would need time to analyze his feelings and stuff. And the last line was so, so perfect:

"Wesley listened to the words lingering in the silence. "What if I want it to?" he murmured to the empty room."

I can't wait to see how he deals with all of this! He's in for a really long trip, but hopefully he'll have Angel's arms waiting for him. :D! *waits patiently for you to write more*

Thank you for writing such a great story!
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